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The Blob Movie PosterIf you're like me, your basement is filled with all the classic movie posters that were in your bedroom until the day you got married and your spouse told you to "get those things outta here!"

Of course we lovingly complied (reeeally lovingly right honey?) and found a new space for our vintage friends of old. Or maybe you're lucky and your posters are up all over your house. Either way, we've all dreamed of having a room dedicated to movie memorabilia and that's what my website is about.

Movies hold a special place in our hearts. They captivate and entertain us and sometimes even change us. They inspire us, teach us things and have helped shape the face of the modern world! And that's all the stuff I try to tell my wife, but still - the posters stay in the basement. Well I'll tell you, it's one awesome basement!

Anyway, if you are looking for vintage movie posters we have found a huge selection of classic movie posters for sale. Collecting old movie posters can be a great investment and a more fun hobby there is not!

Classic movie posters make for great wall coverings. Frankly I prefer them to art, I guess in a very real way they are art! They are a slice of history that are not only fun to look at but valuable as well. Old movie posters range in value from $3 to $350,000 (yes that's right I said $350,000). Therefore getting your hands on original vintage movie posters can be a very rewarding hobby indeed...I've told my wife that too, but still no dice.

So consider yourself lucky that you are allowed to hang vintage movie posters around your house. I guess I've set up this site in a way to live vicariously through you! So buy a lot! And send me pictures!



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